My daughter is dating a black dude Masterbating web chat room s

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Oh no the black dude is a ass man, oh no, lets hang the black guy. If you dont like it go somewhere else like some half ass site that panders to PC crowds, you wont find it here. Cathie, I understand your daughter is dating a black guy, but that's for you and your daughter to decide what's right and you don't need to push my views on this issue.

Just because it is a stereotype, doesn't mean its not true. So the stereotype of black guys only dating or banging ugly white girls is false.If the black guy is good looking and not ghetto (ex.lives in Fairfax County), they can get any type of girl.However, good looking white girls will probably stay away from ghetto blacks even if they are good looking. If any of my daughter's future boyfriends makes a comment about her ass, tits, or body, he's done. One can only imagine a conversation at your dinner table. "Black dude, aren't you mad happy about having a black dude in the White House? Anyways, I'm going to keep everyone updated to whether or not I am able to be successful. As much as I hate to say, she does have the figure a typical black man would go after. Yeah, I never understood how in good conscious he could hang his grandparents out to dry when he was using them as an example of whites with "Racist tendencies", whereas he praised the hell out of a father who didn't sound like a very good person overall. Why is it do you think that you hate African Americans so much that you can't even use the correct terms to describe them? And you're an idiot because YOU are the one that spelled your name Catie in your original post. I'm glad it's working out for you, but I can feel the way that I want.

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