Did bret bielema dating erin andrews

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Ultimately, several reports emerged about an extra-marital relationship between Kirk and Erin Andrews.Although the news and media are ridden with salacious gossip about her husband, his wife has never publicly addressed the situation, nor has she expressed any apparent concerns about his infidelity.However, in spite of his extramarital involvement and his marred reputation in the industry, his relationship with Allison has remained unscathed by the widespread criticism and negative media coverage.Perhaps this is because no definite proof has emerged in the light of these scandalous claims, and perhaps these rumors have been perpetuated by rivals who resent his career success.He was threatened by fans many times, for providing biased information.He relocated to a new location, in genuine fear of these threats, but indicated that this was the result of long time planning with his wife.

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Kirk, guilt ridden, called the couple and expressed his sincerest regrets for and actions.

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Kirk Herbstreit hails originally from Centerville, Ohio. Kirk Herbstreit is an ESPN analyst and commentator for football.

Clearly, he has never assumed the role or persona of the model husband in the media.

His poor performance as a husband has spilled invariably into his public image, lending him a hefty dose of criticism throughout the media.

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