Create a virtual boyfriend dating

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Suggest doing some serious research if you’re definitely going there, like getting to know the visa requirements.

Even if you don’t have a set date, reading forums and tips online, watching videos on Youtube, planning an itinerary and thinking about a budget would still be fun.

Build, create and explore pocket edition of the world!

A game where you can have a boyfriend in a blocky world!

Create and build structures from small houses to the whole city!

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Meet the boyfriend of your dreams Build and explore together!

Princess and fashion craft games are available for free!

Sometimes it seems that even after a month apart, it starts feeling like it’s been a few years without seeing your honey.

You could also sync a video the traditional way– each of you independently go to the video and then one of you does a countdown for when to click. Get your mind off of things and enjoy each other’s company in a fun way.

If your interested in more intensive games, you can check out STEAM or Humble Bundle.

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