Cam lezchat

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Lez and the cop hit golf balls into Norton's house.The cop and Lez continue to hit golf balls into Norton's house for the rest of the day.Clarence asks who Norton is, but Lez tells him to fuck off.

When Lez comes outside and inspects his letterbox and finds the poo in there, Lez swears revenge on Norton.

Norton is on the phone, and exclaiming that he saw Lez trash his newly planted flowers with his CCTV camera.

Early one morning, Norton comes out of his house and shits into Leslie's letterbox.

The shot cuts to Clea Duvall standing outside near a motorcycle wearing helmet. Clea Duvall: The weird thing is we've been living together for eight months and our periods haven't even synced up yet. Sandra Bernhard: You mean you haven't willed your period away yet?

An inset box with Stef Willen in it rolls across the screen.

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