Adult sexy chat bot android

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Typically she took a scientific approach to the problem, rather than bother with a therapist.A contact in the university hospital talked her into trying an implant.The device had been designed for patients with brain damage, though enterprising individuals soon found other applications.

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It wasn't sleazy, it was keeping their relationship going, saving their marriage, and their life style.

01 Anne is mistaken for an android * In the twenty-second century much had been achieved, yet marriage was still the same old precipice walk.

William had put up with an attractive wife who was either too busy, or too tired for sex.

This device was programmed with a range of roles to be played in a game, with appropriate rules of behaviour. Anne enjoyed throwing away her inhibitions and letting the role-play game take responsibility for her actions.

A role of sexy maid, cheerleader, erotic dancer, and many more were available. For too many years their love life had been miserable, until last week. She could be a naughty girl, even a slut, without feeling guilty. Especially when he made love to her with a newfound vigour.

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