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Because travel was so costly along the route, only items of exceptional value made the journey—carved ivory furniture inlays India, lacquer bowls from China, painted glass from Rom,e and a crystal vase with the largest-known image of the ancient lighthouse of Alexandria.But in order to properly care for the priceless artifacts, the museum needed to take stock of the objects in their care.Developing a new digital inventory system was a complex process requiring the close cooperation of Afghan and American archaeologists, museum curators, conservators, and information technology specialists.“The collection shows the endurance of an archaeological record that evidences incredible achievements of people living in Afghanistan from the Paleolithic period until now.” The effort requires careful logistical coordination, according to Steve Camp, executive director of the Oriental Institute and the project’s main administrative coordinator.The project provides for permanent staff living in Kabul, consultants arriving for shorter periods of time to work on specific collections, and Afghan-based partners who offer the day-to-day housing, transportation, and logistical support required to work in Kabul over a three-year period.

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